How The Scheme Works Q & A

The Love Knaresborough Rewards Card scheme is a membership card for residents of Knaresborough and the surrounding area - as well as visitors and tourists.

The card, which costs £10 and is valid until 31st March 2022, gives you access to unlimited rewards, discounts, promotions and special offers in participating shops, bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels and other local businesses in and around our beautiful town. 

Look out for the Love Knaresborough stickers and posters in shop windows for up to date offers or keep checking this website on the Offers page where all the up to date offers will be posted. 

Please be aware that the offers can change at any time at the discretion of the participating business so grab that offer while it is still live!

How long does my £10 card last?

This first membership year will expire at midnight on 31st March 2022. The scheme will then be repeated on an annual basis, so you will need to buy a new card if you wish to maintain accessing the benefits beyond April 2022. 

Is the card just for myself, or for me and my partner, or the whole family?

Each card is personal, and non-transferable, indeed it is a requirement that you sign the back of the card. So you are encouraged to have your own card. That said, many businesses may well allow the 'bill-payer' to receive the benefits for the whole group as long as he / she has a valid card. Such issues are at the discretion of each business.

Can I use it straight away?

Yes, as soon as you have the card in your hand you can benefit straight away - even in the same place where you bought it!

How do I know which businesses are part of the Love Knaresborough scheme and what rewards each business is offering? 

Each participating business will have a Love Knaresborough sticker in ther window and posters within their premises stating what their current offer is. They may change their offer from time to time so please act quickly if you want to access a particular offer. Feel free to pop into the business and ask them what their offer is!

There is an up to date OFFERS page on this website.