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Here at Knaresborough Online we are dedicated to promoting all our local businesses. We have many events and projects planned that we hope will encourage people to shop local, whether this is a retailer or a service provider. 

We offer reasonably priced advertising on our website to help you maximise your sales or services. Please contact us if you require more help or information. 

Susanna & Tony


We are offering a FREE 3 months for all new and current members. This FREE 3 months is in addition to your 12 months membership and this FREE 3 months will not start until you are fully open. You will not be invoiced until the end of the free 3 months. We have done this to help you get back on your feet as we understand the struggle that many businesses have had recently. 

We are also offering a pre opening offer of promoting your business on social media so you can let your customers know that you will soon be opening. 

Other benefits include social media shares, press release writing, graphic designing for social media ads and a new fantastic new consumer initiative that is coming shortly. All this is included in your membership which offers fantastic value for money. Our Premium membership is only £50 a year which is less than £1 per week!

Don't forget if you join now you will get an extra 3 months FREE OF CHARGE so that's £50 for 15 months for our premium membership! 


PREMIUM LISTING - Detailed description on our website plus photo and social media shares.

Cost £50 for 12 month (less than £1 per week)